AverMedia M115S TV Tuner Driver Version

This update will:
- Improve reliability on M115S
- solve device fail condition during startup
- Mute audio for copy protection signal
- Solve CGMS-A detection problem
- Solve Media Center multiple channel scan problem
- Solve Media Center crash during channel scanning

Download and update instructions
1. Download AVDTVT-01182203-UN.exe and save it to a download directory
2. Close all running programs
3. Go to the download directory and double-click AVDTVT-01182203-UN.exe
4. The Device Driver Installation Wizard starts
5. Click Next
6. Wait while setup installs the new driver
7. Click Finish
8. Click Yes to restart

Информация за файл

Име на файла

  • AVDTVT-01182203-UN.exe

Архитектура на файла

  • 32 bit

Размер на файла

  • 1.81 Mb

Дата на издаване

  • 61-61-2006